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Tijuana Panthers - Semi Sweet (2013)


Tijuana Panthers got their name from a little black ceramic panther that was a present from their neighbor Max Baker and they got their sound from that strange place where punk bands crash into pop music and come out the other side, bristling with hooks and hitting three-part harmonies. Now, Tijuana Panthers come striding proudly out of their hometown of Long Beach, California, with Semi-Sweet, their most fully realized album yet.

One of the standout’s from the new record, ‘Tony’s Song’, is pure pop bliss with just enough surf rock folded in that you’ll find yourself wishing you were twisting and/or shouting on an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini filled beach somewhere in the world.

Buy Semi Sweet Here

STRFKR - Miracle Mile (2013)

STRFKR has provided the soundtrack to over 100 ecstatic sold-out dance parties in tiny, sweaty rooms for over 2 years. Miracle Mile is a record with swirling keyboards that take you up, down, and all around, rhythmic guitars, irresistible basslines, and drums that keep an unrelenting beat. This title will be released on February 19, 2013.


My Bloody Valentine - MBV (2013)

A two-decade wait for a new album by My Bloody Valentine has ended last night at midnight. After 21 years, My Bloody Valentine have released “mbv”, the followup to 1991′s “Loveless”. The nine-track LP was released via their new website which crashed almost immediately after launching. Enjoy their new album.


It’s pretty obligatory for us to post any and every thing related to  We already talked about their upcoming album Floating Coffin, and now they’ve dropped the first single “Minotaur” to tide you over until its April 16 release date. It’s not one of their faster, pulsating, driving, epic kind of song that they’ve become so known for. Instead, it’s one of their sweet, swirling numbers where you can actually understand the lyrics, making it the perfect backdrop for the impending springtime. Look for it on Dwyer’s own Castle Face Records.

'Pittura Infamante' is taken from Girls Names' forthcoming album, The New Life, OUT 18th Feb.

Pre-order The New Life here -

20th - The Menagerie, Belfast
21st - The Grand Social, Dublin
22nd - The Cockpit, Leeds
24th - Broadcast, Glasgow
25th - The Castle Hotel, Manchester
26th - Sebright Arms, London
27th - Point Ephemere, Paris
2nd - Sala Apolo, Barcelona
3rd - Astoria, Torino
4th - Circolo degli Artisti, Rome
5th - Mascotte, Zurich
6th - MuZ, Nuremberg
8th - Magnet Club (Karrera Klub), Berlin
9th - De Neiuwe Anita, Amsterdam
10th - Ateliers Claus Gallery, Brussels

Belfast-based four-piece Girls Names are a singular proposition, both geographically and psychically removed from their contemporaries at home and abroad. Released on 18th February, their second album The New Life is the sound of a band on the fringes striving to forge their own path, purposefully out of step - and time - with their surroundings. Weighed heavy with the grey landscapes of their hometown, The New Life is isolation laid bare, shot through with an undeterred sense of purpose and individuality.

The band’s performance at Primavera festival 2012 provided them with their first real opportunity to showcase the songs that were to comprise The New Life. The sunshine backdrop of the Spanish coastline offered a somewhat incongruous setting to the eerie dissonance of the new material, a kind of trial by fire metamorphosis rapturously received. Following a tour of Europe, the band returned home to record the album over a series of months. Having been produced by singer and songwriter, Cathal Cully, they’ve managed to capture that sense of otherness the performances at Primavera hinted at. The expansion to a four piece means the garage-clatter of the spritely pop songs of their debut have been replaced by a deeper, shadowy exercise in catharsis, driven by repetition, psychedelia and Dionysian crisis. And the record was born of a weighty concept too, as Cully explains:

“The New Life is not an over night change for Girls Names - just over two years in fact. Dead to Me literally was dead to us by the time it was committed to wax. But it’s a learning curve. We started moving on as artists the moment we finished that recording session, maybe even before. Not to dwell on the past, The New Life is what happens when you reset everything back to zero and start again, but try to perfect. It starts back at zero the minute the needle hits the groove but we’re also starting back from zero once the needle lifts at the end of the record. Ad infinitum. The New Life is what follows now.”

The album’s title track, and the first single to be taken from the album, is an ideal entry point. Just shy of 8 minutes long, it rotates around a hypnotic bass line, and in Cully’s evocation of renaissance, offers a perfect metaphor for the album as a whole. New single ‘Hypnotic Regression’ - available to stream here - reflects another side to the record. The reverb-heavy guitars and compelling melody are immediately memorable, but there are signs of experimentation, too; the white squall of the lead break; the uneasiness in the vocal echoes that furnish the verses. As such, The New Life, stands as a brave statement; the mark of the band untying themselves from the past and easing forth into the unknown.

The New Life will be released on February 18th on Tough Love (UK) and Slumberland (US).


The Audacity’s new video for “Subway GIrl” premiered onVICE’s Noisey!!! CHECK IT!!! Burger Couch cameo too!!!

Audacity - “Subway Girl” (Official Video) (by noisey)

VIDEO: Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute

New Grizzly Bear????

        Yes! Yes!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmonauts - If You Wanna Die, Then I Wanna Die (2012)


Genre: Garage-Surf-Psychedelic Punk Thing

Who needs pedals when you can blow out your vintage Fenders? Orange County California’s Cosmonauts go full throttle—how else do you get to space?

It’s audible, vociferous, pulverizing, and bursting at the seams with trippy-ish fuzzy layers of cacophonic synchronization and disharmonic reverberation in a specifically 60s beatnik drug-den, is-that-purple-zebra-in-sunglasses-really-there sort of way. Echoic vocals and various modes of reverb that reference everything from the sound of oscillating helicopter blades, to the crackle of a fresh wood fire, to the buzz from some sort of electronic bumble bee, to the sci-fi hum of spaceships landing; coincide with that in-your-face slap that is good down home rock and rolling punk. Cosmonauts know how to use their instruments, and they know where the secret to their Drug Punk sound rests, titling a song “Super Reverb” wasn’t just for shits and giggles (emphasis on the adjective super here).

Let If You Wanna Die… melt on the your turntable. As the great psychedelics proponent once said, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”; apply mantra to this album. Then repeat.


Support the Band man!



Fidlar - DIYDUI (2011)


Essentially FIDLAR is the perfect band to throw on when you are drinking cheap liquor, in need of a burst of energy, or trimming a tree. It is 8 minutes of complete and total punk perfection. So throw it on, let it soak in, take off your shirt, and let’s see what we can do with this old piece of ply-wood I took from the neighbors shed. 


  1. Wake Bake Skate 01:39
  2. Oh 02:21
  3. Wait For The Man 01:47
  4. Max Can’t Surf 02:26

MF // Support: BandCamp

Pangea - Jelly Jam (2010)


Genre: Indie, Punk, Garage, Surf

Similar: Fidlar, Ty Segall, Audacity

Straight outta Santa Clarita California comes one of the most amazingly fun bands ive ever seen live. Pangea construct their songs in interesting ways, folding elements of doo-wop, girl groups, power pop, and even folk-rock into their sound, thereby sidestepping the homogeneity that plagues many a punk record. It gets pretty epic at times, but Pangea stay steady on course by keeping the focus where it belongs: on good songs, well played, with heart. Really, the only thing more fun than Jelly Jam is Pangea’s live show. Mosh till you D-D-DROP!!


Support the Band!! 5 Bucks on Bandcamp!!


Download Hoop Dreams in my earlier post here.

(Source: Spotify)

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ in 8-bit

An ambitious YouTube user has re-made two of Radiohead’s best albums as 8-bit soundtracks! YouTube user QuintonSung has seemingly one goal in life — to reinvent Radiohead’s lavishly-produced electro-rock epics for something a little more befitting the Famicom sound chip. An 8-bit rendition of Kid A in its entirety was completed last month, and now 1997 classic OK Computer is available from start to finish — complete with Super Mario Bros. coin effects punctuating the climax to Paranoid Android. […] The existence of a separate Planet Telex video suggests that The Bends is next on QuintonSung’s agenda. Pretty cool!

VIDEO: Coasting - Same Old, Same Old

Guitarist Madison Farmer and drummer Fiona Campbell (Vivian Girls) are a Brooklyn-based duo who go by the name of Coasting. They recently teamed up with collage master Alice Cohen on their latest music video for “Same Old Same Old,” a track off their debut LP, You’re Never Going Back.

The clip is a pastiche of vintage images from different eras, such as 50s hairstyles, 60s fashions and 70s Sex Pistols-esque punk. These timeless antique collage cutouts work all too well with the sound of Coasting, as they’re influenced by different musical epochs like doo-wop, garage rock, and indie pop. 


Coasting “Same Old Same Old” 

The Nine Lives of the Parachute Tester - Joe Banana and His Bunch! (2012)


Sound: Progressive Math Pop, Indie 

Nick Harrell and Blake Koningsor are the core to the Austin Texas band The Nine Lives of the Parachute Tester. Over the past few months, hard work and determination has paid off for the trio and the first EP from their project has come to reality as Joe Banana and His Bunch! is here and ready for us to hear. The EP features Nick & Blake with their dynamically ”taptastic” guitar work, surprisingly technical drumming (à laMinus the Bear), and Carolan’s superb vocal talent that uniquely form a harmony of math pop like sounds that will make you salivate for more. Not too bad of an effort and here’s to hoping there’s plenty more to come.

Download for free over @ their BANDCAMP.

A taste:

VIDEO: Messer Chups - Chupacabra Twist

Messer Chups are a Russian experimental surf band that have been going strong for over a decade now. The band has released so many albums in so many different versions that it’s hard to say how big their output actually is. The Messer Chups use a lot of samples in their music and their tracks often feature a good old theremin.  Type in their name on YouTube and a shitload of video’s can be found of collages of original material, excerpts of American b-movies and weird Russian/Eastern-European video material.

The “Chupacabra” Twist is from their 2011 release Surf riders from the Swamp Lagoon.  To learn more about the band or to get your hands on one of their records, visit their website.

By Steffan Hofland via GetBent